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The Pat Divilly Podcast

Jul 11, 2019

Today Pat talks about Communication and Keeping It Simple, how to talk to ourselves and others effectively. 

Jul 9, 2019

In order to have a great day we should start with a great morning! Today Pat details 5 easy to implement tips to kickstart your morning to make sure you're not getting up on the wrong side of the bed. 

Jul 4, 2019

Pat goes through some important questions he was posed on his Instagram Q+A. 

Jul 1, 2019

Pat tackles 5 uncomfortable life truths that when approached and understood can lead us to living a more fulfilling life, not ignoring the facts that dictate some of our experiences and outcomes. As is often said, the truth will set you free. 

Jun 24, 2019

Pat shares the six lessons he's learned from his time on the mats practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and how they apply to every day life.