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The Pat Divilly Podcast

Feb 3, 2020

In todays episode I share 5 life lessons I've learnt from studying 'Coach John Wooden', widely considered to be one of the best sports coaches ever....

In his years coaching collegiate basketball in America he had incredible success on and off the court. 

As much as he was known for being an incredible sports coach he was also like a father figure to his players and had some incredible life philosophies that he shared and lived whilst he was alive.  

Hopefully you get a chance to listen to the 20 minute episode, but in short the 5 lessons are-  

1. You've got to respect the basics. Wooden would take even his most advanced players back to the most basic principles knowing they couldn't be transcended. Listen to the episode to hear about his 'socks and shoes' session.

2. Preparation is key. Despite his 27 years of experience Wooden would plan every single session meticulously, taking 60 minutes with the other coaches to plan each 90 minute sessions. 

3. Make everyday your masterpiece. This was a philosophy he lived by and a lesson he learnt from his dad. Rather than worrying about the future or fretting about the past Wooden would consistently remind his players to play 'one game at a time', not allowing failure go to their hearts or success go to their heads.

4. Control the controllable's. A players height was something they couldn't control but their work ethic, belief and conditioning were within their controls. Coach Wooden reminds us to double down on the things we can control and let go of the rest. 

5. Don't ever try to be better than someone else. Wooden took more pride in a team who lost games but reached their potential than he did the teams who went undefeated but didn't work to be their best. 

I really enjoyed recording this episodes and hope you enjoy the lessons shared.